A friend of the Easter Bunny at The Very Vegan Sweet Shop sent me an Easter Surprise!

Magical melty moments made dairy-free. Lindt Lindor Truffles now come in two new non-dairy varieties: Oatmilk and Dark Oatmilk. The new truffles are plant-based, vegan-friendly, and made with gluten-free oats. Lindor Truffles have been gracing tastebuds since their launch in 1967. Initially fashioned for Christmas, wrapped in gold and red to mimic tree ornaments, the […]

You’re gonna love LOVO! LOVO was created by a married duo who specialized in vegan dark chocolate. They noticed the lack of vegan milk chocolate bar alternatives and opted to use their expertise to fill the void. In an article for Forbes, LOVO creators shared, “So many households these days have refrigerators with more than […]

The number one selling chocolate in America just went Vegan. Reese’s have been outselling their candy counterparts for decades. Ever since their iconic commercial in the 80’s “you got your chocolate in my peanut butter” the combination is a mix of sweet and salty that can’t be beat. After a successful debut of the limited […]

After my TCHO factory tour, I took home a bag full of chocolate and felt informed and ready to taste them all! For a recap- TCHO Chocolate is 100% Plant-Based, Fair Trade Certified, B-Corporation Certified, Certified Organic, and Non-GMO. I visited TCHO on their first day of producing new bite-sized “lil fair squares” so I […]

Science has been changing the game when it comes to vegan alternatives. From genetically engineered plant meat to fermented milk protein from microorganisms, the future of food is looking more sustainable. Perfect Day has partnered with Mars Candy to create their first animal-free dairy chocolate bars for those of us who love animals, the planet, […]

Mr. Beast is a content creator with a drive that is unbeaten and generosity that is unmatched. His latest venture Feastables is an organic and Rainforest Alliance certified, plant-based chocolate brand, complete with giveaways that would make even Willy Wonka break a sweat. Feastables alleges “boomer chocolate ingredients are low key trash so Mr. Beast […]

Romance your tastebuds with NEW Lindt Oat Milk Chocolate! Lindt Chocolatiers have been crafting gourmet Swiss chocolate since 1845. Lindt provides the melting quality of chocolate we know and love using their invention the “conche”, which alters chocolate’s flavor and texture. It took over a century, but in 2022 we finally have a dairy-free version […]

Pip, pip, hooray! Hershey’s is finally dipping their bars in the plant-based market! And no, that’s not a spelling error- each breakable section of a Hershey’s bar is called a “pip”! It’s official- Hershey’s has been working on their “Better For You” segment to create more health-conscious candy bars, and this includes plant-based options. Hershey’s […]

I received my very own golden ticket, and was invited to receive a personal tour at TCHO! TCHO, pronounced “Cho”, is an award-winning and fully plant-based chocolate company located in Berkley, California. Recognizing environmental impact, TCHO converted to an all plant-based company in 2023. TCHO Chocolate is not only 100% plant-based, but Fair Trade Certified, […]