Today Taco Bell unveiled its newest certified all-vegan menu item at ALL locations nationwide. Sure, they’ve previously launched plant-based meats and even a fully vegan Crunchwrap in test markets, but this is the first vegan release that can be found at any Taco Bell, and only for a *limited time* This wonder is: Nacho Fries […]

Pizza Twist is here! About a year ago I read an article stating Pizza Twist was getting its very own Modesto location. Then months passed with no word. Well, it is finally time! A twist on pizza is officially available in our neighborhood! Pizza Twist offers traditional, Indian-style, veggie, vegan, gluten-free, and Halal pizzas, so […]

Did you know that Panda Express created “Orange Chicken” in the late ’80s? Orange Chicken is not actually a traditional Chinese cuisine, but a dish inspired by Hunan tangerine chicken and was created as American-Chinese food in 1987. On an episode of “Adam Eats the ’80s” on the History Channel, I learned that the dish […]

Last year Papa Murphy’s Pizza offered Violife brand dairy-free cheese in limited regions across the US. It was apparently a hit because big Papa is now offering dairy-free cheese as an option on ANY of their traditional ‘zas and even “Create Your Own” Take-N-Bake Pizzas! Papa Murphy’s raves about their new option stating: “Plant-based and […]

It’s a Kentucky Fried Miracle! Beyond Fried Chicken has officially landed at KFC! Let me preface this entire post with this- being prepared on/in shared equipment doesn’t make something not vegan. As with most things ordered at a non-vegan establishment, this is prepared in the same fryer as their other products and the possibility of […]

Baja Fresh Mexican Grill is doing the IMPOSSIBLE! Baja Fresh is a 90’s baby like me. Baja opened in 1990 with a vision for fresh food that’s handmade, and fast. With the showcasing of their plant-based menu items at the Critics’ Choice Awards in 2020, Baja showed that plant-based eating can be satisfying, tasty, and […]

On April 12th Jamba launched a new vegetarian breakfast “handwich” made with Impossible meat! A toasted sprouted bun meets a heated plant-based patty, that is vegan-friendly when ordered without the cheese. Please note that this breakfast sandwich does arrive shipped to Jamba in a frozen sandwich containing all three pieces ready to heat, so ask […]

Basic Bitch Alert! Starbucks now has a satiating plant-based protein box, perfect for on-the-go or at your desk eating! I tested the at the desk method today, and it was perfection. Chickpea Bites which are like a less dry falafel situation, baby carrots and snap peas for the added cool crunch, avocado spread (seasoned like […]

Unbeknownst to us, Pizza Guys was doing the Impossible, and adding plant-based sausage to their menu in a partnership with Impossible Foods. My omni family often orders from the Pizza Guys, as their specials can’t be beat and the service is always fast and friendly. I do not typically order along with them, but with […]

Pizza Hut has finally gone Beyond! I have a friend who works at my local Pizza Hut and they let me know there was a shipment of Beyond Meat at their establishment, just waiting for the release date. The shipment wasn’t the only thing waiting, as I’ve been sliding in their DM’s asking “is it […]