“When life gives you peppers- make salsa!”

I’m thankful for you I am thankful for everyone who chose to keep cruelty off their plate yesterday, and for those who are doing their best everyday on their journey to veg. In years past as the only vegan at the table, I made holiday dishes for myself and family members to try. This is […]

Happy Birthday to ME! Today I turn 32! According to my bestie this is how old Lorelei Gilmore was in Season 1 of “Gilmore Girls” and to that I say “Wow, I need to get my act together!” To celebrate I asked Susanne of The Vegan Hack to whip up an INCREDIBLE vegan cake recipe […]

Ajua! Vegan Options! “Ajua” is a Mexican restaurant in Los Banos, California (Merced County), and is located within a quaint building housing several businesses. Looks can be deceiving, however, as upon entering you’ll find a large dining space, and near the register, a window overviewing the kitchen. While Ajua is a traditional Mexican restaurant, they […]

If you’re looking to end your weekend on high vibrations, the Second Sunday Brunch at Bauhaus is the place to be. Intimate, with live music, outdoor seating, and sweet and savory brunch options, even for us vegans! When it is not the second Sunday of the month, Bauhaus is a Tapas Bar. Wednesday-Saturday you will […]

Wednesdays are the new Meatless Monday because Urbano is serving up an exclusively vegan menu for one night a week, right here in Modesto. I attended this week’s Vegan Night at Urbano California Bistro and was blown away by the menu’s attention to detail. It is a healthy take on the vegan lifestyle, with plant-forward […]

I tried it all, so now you know you have to! This Tuesday I had the privilege of attending July’s Taco Tuesday, and was invited to try something from each vendor, including the host Cast Iron! This month’s Vegan Soulstice vendors were; Sugar Mama 209, Cuco etc, Comida De Jen, and Sautayed! On the last […]

This weekend I attended my second Pilates Brunch Club of the year. It was held at Blaker Brewing in Ceres, California, just behind my old high school! 2022’s PBC includes vegan options for brunch and alcohol-free beverages if that’s your jam. I opted for beer, as Blaker has many vegan-friendly brew options and I arrived […]

Yesterday was my birthday! Yep, I’m an Aries. To celebrate, we ate locally for dinner and I ordered a gluten-free and vegan birthday cake from Boho Buttercream. When I placed my order I asked for a vegan and pink cake, but left the design and flavor combo up to Boho Buttercream’s chef Anya. I was […]

I think you can guess that I really love vegan food. However, I love it even MORE when I don’t have to make it. I am certain you can relate! Lucky for us, we have a local vegan meal prep service with rotating weekly menus, that even offers delivery. SO MUCH YES! VEATS– “Vegan Eats […]