Eighteen years I’ve waited to experience the rich and runny yolk of an egg. I used to love “sunny-side-up” eggs, paired with toast I could use to soak the yolk once broken. After learning of the horrors of factory farming, fried eggs were off the menu- until now. The first plant-based fried and poached eggs […]

In 2020 Crafty Counter, along with the founder’s family, began the journey to plant-based. In transitioning to vegan they found themselves missing the satisfaction of eggs, and learned they weren’t alone! With most plant-based egg alternatives mimicking scrambled eggs, Crafty Counter got to work creating the world’s first-ever vegan hard boiled eggs! Wunder Eggs are […]

A plant-based egg that looks, cooks, and tastes like a real egg but is made from a legume, not a chicken. There are over 300,000 species of plants that have never been explored “for how they can make our cookies or pasta or ice cream or butter or scrambled eggs better”. Eat Just Inc. was […]