The new year is approaching and with it comes our annual resolutions to do, and be better. Why not tick all the boxes of a New Year’s resolution in one fell swoop, and try going Veg in 2021? Whether you are a current vegan looking for inspiration, a plant-curious omnivore who is looking to make […]

Happy Birthday to ME! Today I turn 32! According to my bestie this is how old Lorelei Gilmore was in Season 1 of “Gilmore Girls” and to that I say “Wow, I need to get my act together!” To celebrate I asked Susanne of The Vegan Hack to whip up an INCREDIBLE vegan cake recipe […]

The raddest bakery I have ever seen is just over 30 minutes from Anaheim, in Upland, California. Cosmic Bakery is home of the “Astrotarts” and serves out-of-this-world vegan treats with nostalgic flair. I have been fangirling over this bakery since the Instagram algorithm grated me one of their posts featuring their Astrotarts troll mascot. I […]

It’s my birthday! To celebrate I ordered a custom vegan channeled cake from Maple Modesto. If you’re not familiar with “channeling”, it is to serve as a medium and/or meditate as a means of communicating with your inner self, as well as spirits from other realms. In this case, Rebecca channeled my energy and created […]

With Easter on it’s way, two classic flavors come to mind; Carrot and Chocolate. A local bakery has the hook-up for us, so we can satisfy those sweet-tooth cravings and serve up a tasty treat with no effort: Dessert European Bakery A family-owned bakery, known for European desserts is currently offering vegan versions of these […]

Dessert Date for one, courtesy of La Espiga De Oro Bakery! Yesterday was my 16-year anniversary of going vegan, and today is Valentine’s Day! I like to celebrate by “treating” myself (and my fur babies). La Espiga is my go-to for treats, as they are always rotating their vegan-friendly choices for the holidays. I can […]

Bloomingcamp Ranch hit the plant-based crazed well before its bakery menu. Originally a sheep farm, as agriculture sales began booming, the Bloomingcamp’s converted their ranch to almond trees, and then to fruit! Now the fun part of a plant-based future, the Vegan Treat Box. Bloomingcamp Ranch features three new vegan menu items, and one is […]

This weekend The Vegan Hack hosted a pop-up loaded with vegan treats! The Vegan Hack is a cottage food operation, owned by local, certified plant-based chef and vegan baker, Susanne. Susanne specializes in vegan treats like danish, cupcakes, celebration cakes, baked donuts- you name it, she can bake it! The pop-up was prolonged due to […]