All Y’alls Plant-Based Jerky is soft and chewy, rather than tough and dry like other brands I’ve tried. The jerky strips are tender and juicy, while the Bacony Bits are thin and crunchy. All Y’a’lls Foods uses non-GMO soybeans, is high in protein, and is also gluten-free.

Santa’s new favorite jerky is plant-based, and will no doubt soon be added to your wish list… at least this is what I imagine Mrs. Claus has awaiting Santa upon his return Christmas morning- All Y’alls Jerky and a chilled IPA.

Jerky is rumored to have existed since the dawning of pyramids, so it makes sense that plant-based alternatives would be readily available in the 21st century. Beyond Meat believes “there is a better way to feed our future”, as the animal agriculture industry’s impact on climate change is overwhelming. With the inclusion of plant-based meats […]

bUt WhErE dO YoU gET yOur pRoTEiN? The same place yours gets it- PLANTS! Plants give us protein, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want tasty snacks, same as omnivores! Becoming vegan I didn’t have access to vegan jerky at the local drug store or supermarket. It took a special trip to the health food […]