There is a vegan apparel company based right here in Modesto, California, and is founded by our very own Sophia Jazmine! Sophia Jazmine Apparel is clothing with attitude. Made for Vegans who GAF and want to spread the message to go vegan, or bear the burden of the truth. With slogans like “The Test Results […]

Ok so pink shoes with a “vegan” sole? Obviously, I am in! Superdry describes their brand as vintage Americana meets Japanese-inspired graphics, with a British style. With stores in 46 countries and selling in over 100, Superdry has grown a massive following. I became interested in Superdry after learning of their initiative to be the […]

Check out my pink haul from Rosenix Vegan! I recently received a few items from Rosenix Vegan’s online boutique, and I have been so excited to share! If you’re unfamiliar, Rosenix Vegan is a cruelty-free online shop that is filled with classic and trendy pieces. From shoes and handbags, to outwear and hand-selected beauty items, […]

Did you know that more than 90% of plastic waste is never recycled? Most of the world’s plastic is ending up in landfills and oceans across our planet. According to the World Economic Forum, if we continue at this rate it is projected there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans by 2050. […]

The tradition of dying eggs to celebrate Spring actually predates Christianity and Easter. Many different cultures celebrated the coming of Spring and the power of the sun, by dyeing eggs and giving them as gifts to one another, and even the Earth! In fact, the basis of eggs symbolizing life and fertility have been included […]

The new year is approaching and with it comes our annual resolutions to do, and be better. Why not tick all the boxes of a New Year’s resolution in one fell swoop, and try going Veg in 2021? Whether you are a current vegan looking for inspiration, a plant-curious omnivore who is looking to make […]

Named after the dense fog that often rolls into our city during the winter months, Inland Fog is a locally owned business that creates vegan bath and body products here in Modesto, CA. Inland Fog hand-makes vegan bath and body products in a variety of forms and has done so for over 10 years! All […]

Time to learn our CBDs! The Trusted Lab over in Texas sent me a box of vegan-friendly CBD goodies to try, and I can say I am more than impressed! CBD is short for Cannabidiol, and CBD is the second most common active ingredient in the Cannabis plant (THC is the first). While CBD is […]

These days an at-home spa day is as welcomed as it is needed. Simply adding high-end products to my hygiene routine makes the biggest difference physically and even emotionally. Self-care is something I have been taking for granted, and need to step back up. Beauty by Earth is helping me prioritize self-care again with their […]

Beauty by Earth is an American-made beauty, body, and hair care company that believes in making non-toxic, all-natural products, that are safe and accessible to everyone. Affordable prices, organic ingredients, and no added fillers or synthetic ingredients provided the foundation for their business. All of their products are cruelty-free, gluten-free and most are vegan! A […]