I tried it all, so now you know you have to! This Tuesday I had the privilege of attending July’s Taco Tuesday, and was invited to try something from each vendor, including the host Cast Iron! This month’s Vegan Soulstice vendors were; Sugar Mama 209, Cuco etc, Comida De Jen, and Sautayed! On the last […]

A big pink truck full of vegan tacos? My dream come true! This Taco Tuesday we are talking about Las Maris Food Truck! An all vegan Mexican food truck based in Stockton, California. Las Maris was originally a traditional taco truck, but when the owners transitioned to a vegan diet, so did their business! The […]

Warmer weather is coming. While I am not a fan of higher temps, I am a fan of the ‘cool’ treats that come into the spotlight this time of year. Ice cream has been my favorite dessert since I can remember choosing favorites. My papa (grandpa) used to make homemade ice cream and it was […]

On Saturdays, a hidden gem is unveiled in Modesto and surrounding areas: Gems made by Rubie. Gems by Rubie are homemade, organic, and vegan cookies made in a variety of flavors including; Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, Snickerdoodle, Oatmeal, and even Butter Cookies with Icing in kits you can DIY at home! I opted for the […]