Get ready to meet UNMEAT! I met unMeat at Expo West and had the opportunity to sample so many of their dishes! I was hooked by their name and immediately a fan once I tasted the products. After Expo unMeat sent me some full-size samples to try and I am ready to share how I […]

On October 24th, Omni Foods unveiled 3 NEW products and combined the release with Omni’s launch in Walmart stores! VegOut Magazine partnered with Omni for a giveaway in honor of the news. I was one of the lucky recipients of a $35 Walmart gift card to use toward purchasing each of Omni’s new products! I […]

Vegan SPAM? Tiffany, why? Because I grew up LOVING SPAM and even ate it straight out of the can. I know- yuck- but we are friends now, so no judging. SPAM was created during the great depression and became popular due to World War 2. This is both for its cheap price and long shelf […]