Bloomingcamp Ranch hit the plant-based crazed well before its bakery menu. Originally a sheep farm, as agriculture sales began booming, the Bloomingcamp’s converted their ranch to almond trees, and then to fruit! Now the fun part of a plant-based future, the Vegan Treat Box. Bloomingcamp Ranch features three new vegan menu items, and one is […]

“Bon Appetit!” -Chef “Mexican Food! My favorite!” -Donkey I love Shrek 2! I also love Mexican food, JUST like Donkey! Thank goodness there is a a vegan menu available at Cocina Michoacana Oakdale It’s my first time talking about a restaurant from Oakdale, and I knew it had to be this one! From standard tacos […]

Last night I had a private table and a special made vegan plate just for MOI! I had a quinoa stuffed portobello mushroom, and a side of green beans and garlic potatoes, sans butter. I attended a Valentine’s Day Dinner and comedy show at The Reata, and they were more than happy to accommodate my […]