Ajua! Vegan Options! “Ajua” is a Mexican restaurant in Los Banos, California (Merced County), and is located within a quaint building housing several businesses. Looks can be deceiving, however, as upon entering you’ll find a large dining space, and near the register, a window overviewing the kitchen. While Ajua is a traditional Mexican restaurant, they […]

A big pink truck full of vegan tacos? My dream come true! This Taco Tuesday we are talking about Las Maris Food Truck! An all vegan Mexican food truck based in Stockton, California. Las Maris was originally a traditional taco truck, but when the owners transitioned to a vegan diet, so did their business! The […]

When is the last time you ate something that made you say “wow”? For me it was just now, as I was polishing off my second dish from the newest vegan hot-spot in Modesto: El Vegetariano Taco Truck Traditional Mexican Cusine such as; Tacos “Al Pastor”, “Birria”, Pozole, and “Carne Asada” grace the bulk of […]

“Bon Appetit!” -Chef “Mexican Food! My favorite!” -Donkey I love Shrek 2! I also love Mexican food, JUST like Donkey! Thank goodness there is a a vegan menu available at Cocina Michoacana Oakdale It’s my first time talking about a restaurant from Oakdale, and I knew it had to be this one! From standard tacos […]