The cheesiest mac just went vegan!

As of 2024, Kraft NotMac&Cheese has been slowly making its way into supermarkets across the country. This is the first-ever plant-based Kraft Mac & Cheese in the US and I am so here for it!

It’s National Mac & Cheese Day! If you didn’t know that was a thing, now you do, and aren’t you glad we live in a time with vegan mac and cheese choices? In honor of the holiday let’s enjoy the new hidden veggie vegan mac from Camp! Camp set out to make “the nostalgic tastes […]

Holy Macaroni, Batman! National store brand O Organics recently released their newest line of vegan fare, with the addition of Vegan Mac. Available in traditional and gluten-free varieties, this vegan mac is organic and made with pea protein for a filling meal or side dish. I found mine at our local Safeway! This is BY […]