A friend of the Easter Bunny at The Very Vegan Sweet Shop sent me an Easter Surprise!

Easter is on the way, and store inventory is dwindling, so let’s get to building a basket! A vegan basket, that is! As vegans, it can be difficult to celebrate a holiday that is so egg-centered. However with the advent of faux eggs to decorate, vegan egg substitutes to eat, and dairy-free chocolate at most […]

Hippity Hoppity Easter’s on its way! We are at the two-week mark, so if you haven’t scouted out some Easter basket goodies yet, no worries because I have an assortment of fun filler ideas to share! Most of my haul was purchased at Target in true Your Neighborhood Vegan fashion. However, two of the items […]

The tradition of dying eggs to celebrate Spring actually predates Christianity and Easter. Many different cultures celebrated the coming of Spring and the power of the sun, by dyeing eggs and giving them as gifts to one another, and even the Earth! In fact, the basis of eggs symbolizing life and fertility have been included […]