The countdown to Christmas has since begun, and I am finally feeling “ready”. How about you? I wanted to share my go-to holiday essentials and last-minute finds; from stocking stuffers to the multitude of add-ins for my hot chocolate obsession. The holidays are for indulging, and I certainly take part in my fair share (not […]

he countdown has officially begun for Christmas! My mother used to buy chocolate advent calendars for my siblings and I growing up. When I went vegan she was pretty disheartened at how few varieties of vegan-friendly advent calendars existed. The only vegan advent calendars were overseas, and the shipping cost more than most things on […]

From Nog to STUFFING, Pumpkin Spice to Peppermint, I love the specialty items that are released in stores this time of year! The holidays make everything so much more exciting, and adding something that has a limited run always makes things more fun! When the -er months start, I’m already in holiday mode! I love […]

Let’s stuff a vegan’s stocking! While Santa typically does the stuffing, let’s help him out this year with a list of some vegan-friendly items we’d love to see in our stockings! Plant-based holiday favorites and even some new cruelty-free festive finds can be found just about anywhere! Here is a round-up of some randomly collected […]