This weekend I attended my second Pilates Brunch Club of the year. It was held at Blaker Brewing in Ceres, California, just behind my old high school! 2022’s PBC includes vegan options for brunch and alcohol-free beverages if that’s your jam. I opted for beer, as Blaker has many vegan-friendly brew options and I arrived […]

Where do cows go on dates? To the MOO-vies! Or at least they would, if they could! I have missed the movies so much! Last night I had the opportunity to attend a screening of “Poltergeist” (1982) at the Ceres Cruise-in! Let me tell ya, I am a fan of getting to watch a classic […]

Sometimes on a weeknight you just need to Get Forked! For me that night was tonight, and Fresh Fork Ceres did not disappoint! Fresh Fork keeps their menu simplistic, and offers Bowls (in two sizes) and Salads (only big salads, just as Elaine Benes would want). The vegan protein option is grilled Tofu! Both the […]