Did you know that Panda Express created “Orange Chicken” in the late ’80s? Orange Chicken is not actually a traditional Chinese cuisine, but a dish inspired by Hunan tangerine chicken and was created as American-Chinese food in 1987. On an episode of “Adam Eats the ’80s” on the History Channel, I learned that the dish […]

It’s a Kentucky Fried Miracle! Beyond Fried Chicken has officially landed at KFC! Let me preface this entire post with this- being prepared on/in shared equipment doesn’t make something not vegan. As with most things ordered at a non-vegan establishment, this is prepared in the same fryer as their other products and the possibility of […]

Pizza Hut has finally gone Beyond! I have a friend who works at my local Pizza Hut and they let me know there was a shipment of Beyond Meat at their establishment, just waiting for the release date. The shipment wasn’t the only thing waiting, as I’ve been sliding in their DM’s asking “is it […]

OH MAN! Today is the day. Today I talk about my most favorite fast food restaurant in the whole galaxy, Del Taco. Del Taco has been my treasured trove even since before they carried Beyond Meat. I like to think they made that change JUST for me! Del Taco has THE best french fries in […]

America may run on Dunkin, but I don’t run. 💁‍♀ Happy 3-day weekend, although quarantine has all our days confused! I don’t know about you, but I rarely know what day it is. I am privy to the fact that today is Sunday however, which is a Funday! That means I get a large overly […]

The new year is approaching and with it comes our annual resolutions to do, and be better. Why not tick all the boxes of a New Year’s resolution in one fell swoop, and try going Veg in 2021? Whether you are a current vegan looking for inspiration, a plant-curious omnivore who is looking to make […]