Vegan Oscar Mayer Wieners? It doesn’t get better than this.

Walmart recently launched its largest in-store food brand in 20 years, “Bettergoods” including a new line of plant-based offerings! Many items are not yet available locally, but I was able to find the new Bettergoods Dairy-Free Mac & Cheeze, and Plant-Based Chick’n Nuggets!

This past week was my first-ever visit to Hawaii! An opportunity arose that I couldn’t ignore so I tied up loose ends at work and overpacked for my 6-hour flight (with 1 transfer) to The Big Island. I was invited to attend a Vegan Retreat hosted by Noah Hyams of Vegpreneur and Gaby Aziz of Heart Core Hotels. The retreat was held at Heart Core Hotels’ Volcano Eco Retreat in Hilo.

KLIMON (“NO-MILK” backward) was created in 2022 with the intention of delivering old-fashioned style ice cream, with a modern and sustainable twist. KLIMON is vegan, exclaiming “No Dairy-No Difference”.

Last year the secret was out on Starburst Plant-Based Gummies, but after one photo made its round on the internet they seemed to disappear. That is until they made their way to Walmart’s website. After a few months of watching them stay listed but unavailable, the packaging had an facelift and they were rebranded as “Starburst Goodies”. In the past month they’ve been popping up in store at Walmart and after impatiently waiting, they finally became avaiable near me!

In March I made the trek from Modesto to Anaheim for 2024’s Natural Products Expo West. I want to highlight some of the stops we made during our trip to fuel up and stock up on snacks.

Family-owned bakery Silver Hills has been sprouting bread and focusing on plant-based nutrition since 1989. Silver Hills offers several varieties of spouted sliced bread, bagels, buns, and tortillas and all are certified vegan containing no animal by-products, not even honey!

A friend of the Easter Bunny at The Very Vegan Sweet Shop sent me an Easter Surprise!

Celebrate the 65th anniversary of Barbie with the launch of Smart Sweets first-ever collab featuring Pink Lemonade Gummies inspired by Barbie!

A vegan Doritos dupe that is also gluten-free and non-GMO- that’s what you get with “Chipz Happen” a family of dip chipz.